Our Technologies

At MADEA, we develop technologies for users and exploiters. Modularity, accessibility, and security are our priorities. Our wave machines are unique and will offer unmatched sliding experiences!


The sliding area (carpet and sidewalls) is entirely composed of inflatables, which highly secure the practice by dumping all falls of the users and allow to learn wave riding easily.

L’environnement gonflable


The WAVEMOTION is equipped with a tilting slope system. Exclusive technology, the FREEsport allows the practice of many nautical activities on the same machine.


Surfing, skiing, aquatic games! Your operating plans are limitless, allowing you to satisfy all your customers for the long term.



The “Moses security system” makes possible to move apart or deviate the water flow. In case of fall or before the beginning of the ride time, the flow of water is not propelled on the user. Moses system guarantees security for the rider.

The Moses system is an active safety device that allows your simulator to adapt to the user and not the other way around:

  • Start the flow when the user is ready and installed on the riding line;
  • Instantly stop the power of the water flow in the in the case  of a user's fall ;
  • And the last but not he least optimize your energy consumption
Systéme Moise


The wave adapts in real time to your operation. On an S12M, you could manage from one to six independent tracks.



The safety of our wave surfing machine and the comfort of the practice area have been specially designed to allow people with reduced mobility or disabilities to practice sliding activities on our simulators. User management, physical access to the riding lines and the equipment used to practice have been tested and approved by Christophe MARTIN, a paraplegic rider recognized in the world of Boardsport .

Servo-controlled water distribution

Energy control : the key to reduce your operation cost

The servo-controlled water distribution allows optimization of the amount of water movement and thus reductions in energy consumption. Our simulators link the position of the water with the position of the person doing the sport and sends water directly under their board only and not to the entire boarding surface.

Combined with Moses, this patented technology makes it possible to instantly remove the flow of water from the practitioner in the case of a fall. The Moses system and the Servo Water Distribution system ensures effective safety by removing the user from the water flow.



The sliding areas of MADEAconcept equipment are composed of inflatable (floor and panels) made of reinforced PVC. Robust upholstery element, they ensure optimal safety conditions.

They are also ideal for the practice of sliding sports on a simulator. The inflatable floor can thus evolve and take different forms (optional modules such as jumps) for an even more fun Boardsport.