L'Epervière Water Park

Innovative pool : L'Epervière Water Park

The "Centre Aqualudique de l'Epervière" opened its doors in Valence (France) on 21st December 2019.  Several activities are offered in the outdoor and indoor pools, including the surfing machine, to immerse visitors in a playful and innovative atmosphere.  

ONE Innovative pool project in Valencia, France

The project initiated by Valence-Romans Agglomération has been entrusted to the company Espaceo.  From its definition, this project had to correspond to its territory and the identity of its inhabitants. Launched by an original architectural design by A26 and followed by an agile and efficient realization by Spie Batignolles L'Epervière Water Park aims to be guide to the innovative pool of tomorrow.  

4 universes of aquatic activities

Numerous activities are proposed and divided into 4 universes: aquatic, balneo, fitness and boardsports. The center must obtain the "Tourisme Handicap" label thanks to the many facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility designed to facilitate their movements and offer accessible leisure activities.    

Wavemotion : a surf simulator to modernize the complex

In this context, our innovative pool product Wavemotion has been chosen to enhance the attractiveness of the center and reinforce its modern image. It allows users of all ages as well as people with reduced mobility to experience aquatic activities and to be enthusiastic about the sliding sensations they provide.   

Adresse : 77 chemin de l'Epervière, 26000 Valence

Tel : +33 4 75 84 29 40