Buthiers Leisure Island

Simulateur de glisse de Buthiers

Buthiers leasure parc next to Paris decided to show the example in opening the first french surf indoor. To build a successful activity, they choose MADEAconcept which installed one of the bigger static wave in Europe. The S12M simulator of Buthiers allows surf and water skiing activity, from 1 to 3 riding lines, servo water control performances and Moses security.

"The reputation of this recent indoor space is expanding and attracting more customers every month. The arrival of the simulator has significantly increased the activity of the indoor division's fast food bar/restaurant with a 10% increase in its turnover in 2013. »                            

                                            B. NEZOT, Director

Adresse 73 Rue des Roches, 77760 Buthiers

Téléphone : 01 64 24 12 87