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With our FREEsport option our board sports simulators are real multisport equipment.
Our exclusive tilting boarding area allows a quick switch from artificial waves sports mode to towed water sports mode.
Wave sports : Tilt board area
Surfing : Recreate that feeling of freedom riding the MADEA wave!
The surf is an incredible discipline but requires to be expert.
Bodyboarding : The user lies down on the board, it's very easy for beginners.
Bodyboarding allow to be beginner and to have fun with friends but the weariness can come ...
Towed water sports: Flat board area
Many disciplines as possible through this surface that allows everyone, even the youngest, to practice towed sports, to move from one sport to another and improve very fast.
Makes people addicted!

Wakeboarding : On a board with bindings for the feet, the equivalent of snowboarding but on water.

Wakesurfing : Based on surfing, the board is similar to the wakeboard but without the bindings.

Wakeskating : Derived from skateboarding and wakeboarding, the board is similar to a skateboard.

Kneeboarding : Uses an adapted board, in a kneeling position, it's very easy for beginners.

Wakeskiing : Similar to water skiing but with smaller, wider skis.


We cater for all board sports, to suit everyone's preferences!